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Your pants maker is lying to you.

So, we all know that clothing sizes, granting that there never has been anything really standardized, have been gradually inflating, so that todays size 6 is more like yesterday's size 10.

Fine. But that's women's clothes, and to an extent, men's tops. But aren't pants supposed to be sold by waist measurement in inches?


The Lovely One and I spent the morning and a fair part of the afternoon at a local day spa, thanks to a fortuitous contest win by yours truly.


This is your VP Marketing here. Although the Wired Cola brand has suffered a few setbacks lately, we think we have a winner this time. Of course, we also thought that about the Wired Cola can that could transform into a shuriken, and we all know how long it took to get the CPSC off our backs over that one.

In other news, I got my mountain bike back up and running. That should be good for a few nice fall stories soon.

Message from the VP, non-production

I have to say, this blog comes awfully close to producing something, which would be against my portfolio as vice president of non-production.


Welcome to the world's first and only Cybermorphic weblog. Always the middlest to jump on a trend, we here at Wired Cola would like to welcome you to what will soon be the greatest blog in the history of carbonated beverages.

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