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Short post, not much time

Short post, not much time:

Weekend involved no riding, lots of classical music.

Saw Mozart's "The Abduction from the Seraglio" on Friday. VSO put it on as a "concert opera", which means an orchestra, choir, and full cast, but no sets, props or costumes, and the orchestra is on stage. Which is fun, because it means you have the singers using the conductor's stand as stage centre.

It is fairly warm today

It is fairly warm today. It is supposed to go up to fourteen tomorrow, but until the ice and snow is gone, I'm not going to be comfortable biking. I have a phone interview with EA on Monday. i'm not sure what they want, because I told them I wasn't finished my degree, and wouldn't be until at least the end of the summer. Maybe they want me back for another internship this summer. I'd be willing to do that. I really liked working at EA.

Car repairs

Pay $490 for car repairs. Is it too much to ask that they adjust the accessory belts so they don't squeal? I think not!!

Ooh. That's just a major, bush-league error. I think I'll take it back to the shop. It would take me 10 minutes to fix, but they're going to make it right on general principles. I don't mind paying $90/h for competent work, but this?

Okay, I'm done now.

The one site I check every morning

The one site I check every morning

To bed early, up early. The car only cost $490 to repair once they got the oil leaks taken care of. Such a deal.

The fun thing about weather in Vancouver this time of year is how it can fool you: Feb. 29 was a gorgeous, warm day, much like the Sunday before. Now we're into a stretch of several days of rain, with no end in sight. I've even seen snow in March once or twice.

Still Feeling Tired

Still Feeling Tired

It may be time to admit that the amount of cycling I've been doing is part of why I feel tired right now. Well that, and getting about 5 hours of sleep last night.

Finally gave up on fixing the car myself: Dad says the heavy mechanics at work shy away from such repairs, owing to usually-required specialty tools.

Early to rise

Feeling tired last night, I decided to commit to doing a minor bike repair (spoke replacement) at 0500 this morning. Good choice: I went to sleep about 2200 or so, got up early, and took care of it.

There's a certain serenity to working that early. Even though The Lovely One and I were both up (her normal work shift is 2400-0600), it felt quiet. Maybe the world outside the house moves more than I think, and makes more noise than I suspect. The noisiest things outside this morning were birds.

You win some, but not this one.

You win some, but not this one.

Race day. I got to the race on time, though not easily. The Tercel broke down as I was passing the 200th street exit, and I coasted to a stop, assessed the situation, and rode for 30 minutes to get to the start line, still in plenty of time.



the nice electric litter box we have for our cat broke down after 3 months. At least it has a good warranty.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling boneless. Maybe lack of sleep. Maybe because I didn't ride to work Friday, because I didn't fix the broken spoke in the back wheel Thursday night, because I was feeling boneless then, too.

Oh well, another busy weekend coming up. Going to finish the transmission fluid change (sigh), along with a race, a club meeting, and vast amounts of minor errands.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

Fasting, even to the limited extent that I do it, means mild grumpiness and slight apathy.

It was a quiet day in every way for me: the big excitement was getting to teach an e-mail class this afternoon, same one I teach about every two weeks or so. Quiet ride to work, tasty veggie calzone for dinner, quiet mass this evening, and quiet evening at home. Didn't even feel like playing Ico, which is a great game, even so long after its release

Days off are nice

Days off are nice

What a wasted day. I got enough done, but I could have done more. Here I am, nice day, good weather, and I'm moping around the house eating peanut butter on crackers because I haven't been able to find my wallet since Sunday afternoon.

The Lovely One asked if I had looked in the dirty clothes basket. No, don't be silly, it couldn't be in there.

It was in there. Then I felt better. Stopped eating peanut butter, grabbed my tools, and went over to Mom & Dad's to do some car repairs.

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