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I am Internet Famous! Locally. Sort of.

Jon over at The V3H (best Tri-Cities blog I've found!) was kind enough to do a little profile of my bike scavenging proclivities today, for which I am most grateful. Go read the post to see all the things you probably already knew about me.

At the dread risk of writing a meta-post, reduced service on the Cybermorphic™ front has been due to following up a full day's work with steady work on the History of Video Games exhibit, plus various other forms of having a life, which is a big pain in the ass that really eats into my blogging time. OTOH, I've been calling all video game playing "research" for the last six months, and that's fun.

Given these parameters, there's just over a 10% chance...

...that 5 of Andrew's 212 friends share a birthday.


#monte carlo calculation on Andrew's Birthday question.
# In short, this code allows a general test of the question:
# "if I have x friends, what are the chances that any y of
# them share a birthday?" It does so using Monte Carlo technique.
# runs should be set high (at least 1000, maybe higher) to give a
# good answer. I don't know what gives good confidence here.

# init a few things. bdaymatches is how many friends share one birthday.
use constant friends => 212;
use constant runs => 10000;
use constant bdaymatches => 5;
$foundmatches = 0;

# this loop calls yeartally once per run, adding each run to the array of
# runs called fullrun.
for ($i = 1; $i <= runs; $i++)
@temp = &yeartally;
$fullrun[$i] = [ @temp ];
#print "@temp\n";
# printf "THIS IS A YEAR BREAK \n";
#debug printing of the array:

Video Games Wanted

I am getting much closer to finishing my Video Game exhibit. I now have a good idea of what games I want to highlight.

If you have any of the following games or systems (or manuals, posters, boxes, etc.) and you would be willing to lend them out for some months starting in late June, 2010, please let me know. If you have any leads on this stuff, let me know.

If you think I've left something obvious out, note that I may already have it, but I will welcome suggestions.

Ultima I
Quake I
Game Gear and a representative game (Sonic something something?)
World of Warcraft (box/art/manuals; I don't need the disc itself)
XBox 360 and Beautiful Katamari
Nintendo Game and Watch handhelds
PSP, and games (Gran Turismo, perhaps)
iPhone or iPod Touch (a dummy unit would work fine)

Olympic Medal Counts and stats fiddling

I got interested in Olympic medal counts measured various ways, and ended up with this partly-complete spreadsheet.

Among other things, I've compiled medals by national population, and medals by athletes sent, at least for the top teams. I also put in some weighted stats where a Gold = 3, Silver = 2, and Bronze = 1.

Maybe most interestingly, I painfully went through EVERY country's "athletes awarded" counts, by hand-counting it off the pretty good CTV medal-count pages. "Athletes Awarded" is my own count of the number of each type of medal actually handed to competing athletes. This accounts for the fact that if you win the 4-man bobsled gold, four men actually get gold medals.


Brief notes on whipping around the Olympics:

TLO and I won tickets to the women's Snowboard Cross event, but we were groundlings, and yeah, those were the ones that got cancelled. Oh well. Seeing it on TV was quite good, and given the half-day delay in the women's event, it would have been pretty gruelling to hang about up there.

We spent the first Saturday loitering around the Richmond O-Zone, which was interesting enough and not too frantic, though we avoided Holland House (alas). The next day, with friends, we toured various Houses: Sochi (Russia), Saskatchewan, a 2 minute visit to Quebec House, and a trip over to the Olympic Cauldron.

Regarding the iPad

If you don't know yet, there's a Camera Connection kit (see the bottom of the page) that will let you plug in a SD card or a camera (via USB). I predict some frustration as people figure out that the thus-provided accessory USB port can't be software-hacked into serving other purposes.

Also, the iPad appears to be a very interesting device, but the most immediately and completely overshadowed device would be the $1000 Wacom Cintiq 12".

Now go read Gruber.

Pong to Pokémon 2: mental form

Well, not just physical form. Philosophical form too.

My first post elicited some great comments, and a few months of thinking have pushed me into a rough plan of what I want to do. Let's see if I can flesh it out here.

For the physical space, I will be filling four tall display cases. They're all 18" deep and 79" tall. two are 31" wide, two are 62" wide. I won't be figuring the exact physical layout today, but those are the parameters. There's also the possibility of placing a standup arcade machine outside the cases. Decent power is available in all the cabinets; networking, maybe.

First, I still like the three themes I originally thought of, but here's some elaboration.

Why are games fun? I will base this on a short explanation of the reward structure in all good games (how they make you feel challenged but not overwhelmed, and how they have a pleasurable reward structure).

Pimp my eyes - a sunglasses review

So my friend and co-worker Dada brought back some sunglasses from Slovakia. They're "Optimal" brand (and I'm afraid I can't find a website for them right now), but they're pretty nice.

They are produced by a friend of Dada's, and I didn't have to pay anything for them, so that's your disclosure of interests there.

And the sunglasses? Pretty nice. The sporty model she got me fits well, looks decent, and has independently interchangeable lenses in three tints (Optimal makes several other styles, varying between sporty and stylish).

I think you should probably just use one tint at a time, though.200912311322.jpg

Linking links: a plea for help

So I'm finding that a lot of what I want to archive and look over in the long term is annotated links. I want to share these with all twenty of you who read my blog, but more importantly, with the few hundred people I know on facebook.

Here's the rub: facebook's links are nice and tidy to add, and all my friends see them, but searching, browsing, cataloging, and re-extracting those links is not good (or I haven't found out how). My preferred external link-grabber is (I'm old-school), but its integration with facebook appears to be inconsistent, plus it doesn't inject its content into the "links" stream in fb, as far as I can tell.

So my request: does anyone know of one of these:

Year in Review

This is usually a Christmas Post of sorts, but I'm late.

Despite many other momentous events this year, 2009 will surely be remembered in my household as the Year That Lady Died. Nothing else really was as momentous as the surprise death of our dog.

But nonetheless, a few other things happened. In April, I was a finalist in a win-a-car contest, with a 1:10 chance of driving home a winner. Inspired by the nature of the contest, I set up my own DIY drive-in movie theatre.

I didn't win.

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