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Wired Cola is pleased to announce that after a corporate restructuring, the domain has been reacquired, and will be used to launch its flagship publicity engine, the world's only Cybermorphic™ Weblog, into the new millennium.

Is this the Wrongest Column Ever?

[Is "wrongest" a word? I just watched part of a Walter Winchell bio-flick. I'm making the language my own now!]

The column in question appeared in one of my community's community newspapers. You be the judge.

Happy Canada Day

It's getting to the point where I need to do things so I have something to write about here. That's not terrible: Wired Cola thus acts as an index of whether Ryan Cousineau has been doing anything worthwhile with his life lately.

Lately? I'd say RjC is at best a "hold," to use stock terminology.

So, I'm badly allergic to the poor dog, so he's not staying. Which is quite sad. Darned guy has a great disposition. But there's an important lesson here about giving pets as gifts: only if you know the recipient wants a pet.

What have I been doing?

I've been being tired. For a lot of reasons, but I'm just tired. I'm not going to let that stop me.

There's a new dog in the house. Right now, we're just trying to decide if he should stay. The dog, a half-Boston Bull Terrier, half-Pug, was a gift to The Lovely One from her father. Can we handle a dog? Is it a good idea? Is the dog what's made my left eye suddenly turn red and irritated?

News Sports Weather

I have to cut back a bit on my food intake, but being back in full stride with my cycling again will help. The Liberal candidate in my riding, Dave Haggard, has been standing on the busiest intersection of my daily commute twice so far. He comes out with an entourage to hold signs and wave, classic "barbershopping" technique. Pity poor Steve McClurg, NDP candidate in the same riding. Yesterday he was also barbershopping, but was pitifully alone, a fact emphasized that while he was on the corner holding one sign, there was nobody else to hold up the two other signs propped up beside him.

This Post is Mostly About Politics

But not entirely.

First of all, that post that was dated today was actually e-mailed on Thursday. Let that be a warning to me about e-mail posting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

E-mail blogging: addictive

This is mostly a test post, but I did have fun doing my lunchtime fix-your-bike workshop today. I think it went well, though it was not nearly as organized as it should have been. I blame the instructor. Hm.

After struggling with my Achilles tendonitis for most of the early part of the season, I started listening to my ankles, watched my pedal stroke on the bike, and realized my cleats were ridiculously out of line. I was pedaling pigeon-toed.

Adjusted cleats, cue major improvement. I'm stoked. I'm going to tear legs off next Tuesday, you watch.

Is this thing on?

I'm just testing a new trick with Blogger: e-mail blogging. Also, I seem to have a feed, now.

Isn't that pretty? The Feedburner feed is supposed to magically adapt to any feed-reader out there, Atom or RSS, so give it a shot and let me know if it works.

Update: argh. I think I know how to fix what went wrong.

Weekend at Daiso's

Ah, where did the weekend go?

I didn't do anything all weekend. Well, I went to Daiso, the Aberdeen Centre's anchor tenant. $2 for anything in the store, but with a Japanese twist! What does that mean? Well, $2 metric speed wrenches for one thing, and a lot more cheap ashtrays than you would expect. Also, strange foodstuffs!

IT4BC review continued

IT4BC review continued

Bryn Hughes of VCC presented on Radmind. Radmind good! Lab and regular computer change-management! Auto system restoration! Works on OS X with a GUI, or any UNIX system! Ryan like! Ryan want use! Arr-ar-arh!

That is all for now,

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