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It's all in your point of view, I guess

So with the kitchen in the throes of a repaint and everything that was in the kitchen scattered around the rest of the house to make room for the painting, it was imperative that TLO and I took the dog and got out of the house for a few hours.

That left us at the White Spot's delightfully anachronistic car hop service for dinner, where our dog scared the heck out of our server by speaking up when she came to get the order. I recommend the cannelloni from their Tuscan menu.

Then we rolled out to the drive-in to watch the early movie, Vantage Point, which I will gratuitously spoil starting in a paragraph or so, so if you want to see it later, simply accept my judgment that it is a thriller that is half-clever but not great, then go read something else while I tell the movie's story for it.

Alberta had an election - Alberta won

Texas sometimes elects Democrats and Massachusetts sometimes elects Republicans. Why have Canadian parties never recentered themselves as effectively around the preferences of the electorate?

Even though Alberta leans broadly rightward, why don't the Liberals (or some other centre-left entity) coalesce around policies that have a hope of splitting off a critical mass of Conservative voters?

We're backing down!

As the saying goes, I laughed so hard milk came out of my nose, and I wasn't even drinking milk.

Trolls happen

Ms. Fowler of the eponymous blog has a post up on trolls and bad behavior in the blogosphere.

She's right about one key thing: there are real-world consequences to this stuff. Bad behavior, even by anonymous trolls, can cause people to just stop writing.

Caffeine - a user's guide to getting optimally wired

As a signatory of Cycling BC's anti-doping policy, I'm not sure how I should feel about this informative article on caffeine use.

Note that caffeine is not a WADA-prohibited substance.

So, um, drink 'em if you've got 'em?

HD-DVD: well, that was quick!

Toshiba just stuck a fork in HD-DVD's corpse. The surprising part to me is that the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray contest ended so rapidly.

Yes, I still do cyclocross videos

Here's the proof:

Aldor Acres 2007. The original video was (mostly) in HD, so if you want to see that version, let me know.

The Official Movie of Wired Cola

So, the obsessions of Wired Cola are well known. Comedy. Sugar water. Cybermorphism. retro two-wheelers. And of course, Turner Classic Movies.

What's that, you say? TCM showed a Billy Wilder comedy starring James Cagney as a Coca-Cola executive in West Berlin? And his nemesis is an East German true believer driving a sidecar rig?

Finally, Rogers Cheaps Out

Rogers has caught up with Bell and Telus by offering a $7/month unlimited data plan. Ostensibly, there are few limitations: select handsets, no tethering.

It depends on the handsets, of course, and I only have eyes for one.

Wait, dammit. That's not right.

Detritus on Super Bowl Sunday

Right now, the Pre-game show is running through a rather gloriously well-produced recitation of the Declaration of Independence by a variety of people connected to the NFL (Peyton Manning, Paul Tagliabue, Steve Largent, Mrs. Pat Tillman).

As a good Canadian, the text continues to invoke a measure of horror. Break from the crown? Pledge your lives to a cause? Seems rather . . . extreme.

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