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And one more thing...

This quick post is mostly an excuse to test a new toy (MarsEdit).

But since I ought to have some actual content here, I thought I'd mention the website.

As you may have noticed, it's all new and shiny. I tried for a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll (The Lovely One thinks it's a little bit musical theatre right now...).

Ahem. What I really want to know is, any questions? Any features you wish the site had? Any idea what I'm asking? Any suggestions?

If I seem introspective right now, I think I would sum up the reason as either some very good wine or a very bad memo.

When in doubt, go to YouTube

My very good friend Gen Kanai dug up this lovely gem, a 10-year-old girl playing that prog-rock classic Carry on Wayward Son on a Yamaha Electone organ. He also would direct you to the original Kansas version for reference.

When in doubt, go for Flickr

The site is (clearly) a work in progress, and the Manic Time has passed, so updates will proceed, albeit a little more slowly. So here's a pretty photo for now:

Stained Glass Dome in HHOF

I left my wallet in Global Cheese

It's all true. Done in by my love of stinky brie. Let's leave off the part where I lost my wallet there (boring) and the various rather poor choices I made in trying to retrieve it (boring and dumb), and the curious punctuality of the cheese shop (they really do close at 7!) The fun really begins when you are getting on a plane with no checked luggage, no carry-on, and no ID...

I did other things in TO...

Like go to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Hockey Hall of Fame pano

It's pretty much the most astoundingly beautiful sports museum imaginable.

Test The Nation: Blogger Scorecard

I'll clean this up as I get cleaner data. Virtually all of the scores you see below are personal estimates, but some people tracked their scoring pretty closely. I'm trying to assemble a complete-as-possible scorecard for the Bloggers. The organizers promised us proper scorecards within a few days, so if people feel comfortable sharing those, I'll put the data in.

And one more thing: I have a DVD of the proceedings, so if you want a copy, let me know.

Test the Nation: post-game show

If you can read this, then Test the Nation has finished airing on the west coast.

I didn't win.

But I had fun, and I was on the winning team, and the winner was on our team, and hey, trip to Toronto!

Your winner, Rick Spence:

Photo by Rannie Turingan.

Some brief show notes:

Bob Blumer and I on Test the Nation

I'm actually posting this before the show stops airing on the West Coast, so I am beholden not to reveal any results.But I had a lot of fun doing it. I'll follow-up with a results post, too, and I'm going to see if I can get the bloggers to disclose their scores, so I can do a post with all the numbers.

Tricia Helfer and I

I'll be an in-studio participant on the CBC game show Test the Nation, as part of the bloggers team. You'll be able to mock my performance for the comfort of your own home Sunday night at 8 pm. 

The ridiculous title explained: Ms. Helfer is one of the celebrity guests who will be on the show.

Wired Cola and Globadom leverage even more synergy than ever before

A few years ago Wired Cola was acquired by Globadom LLC, a closely-held venture with a simple but daring business plan.

Wired Cola will continue normal operations at As you can see, the transition has begun, though it is not complete. We expect great things to happen.

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