A Year in Review Review: 2010? edition

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Maktaaq reminded me that I usually do something at the end of each year to describe that year, which is useful, because I forget things.

So, here's a review of last year's year in review, which included some over-optimistic resolutions along with its recap of 2009.

In 2009, our dog died. In 2010, two of our fish died. That's an improvement.

In 2009, I was a finalist in a win-a-car contest, with a 1:10 chance of driving home a winner. I didn't win. In 2010 I was a finalist in a win-a-car contest, with a 1:10 chance of driving home a winner. I didn't win. I could not plausibly make this up.

In 2009, TLO and I had a wonderful Greek vacation, and saw some amazing things. In 2010, same deal, but different amazing things.

In 2009, I accepted the task of curating an exhibit on the history of video games. In 2010, I saw the exhibit go up and be famous. I was on the radio and everything. I got a personal audience with Stephen Quinn.

In 2009, I added nerdier toys to my arsenal. In 2010, well, I got a new Flip MinoHD which I taped to my bikes sometimes. Work issued me an iPad. I got a new-to-me DSLR just before the end of the year. And I bought another bloody folding tandem. So more, and nerdier, toys. As usual, I will now try to involve these toys in adventures that justify their presence.

If there was a theme to all of this, it was that 2010 was like 2009.

Let's review the resolutions from last year:
Drink a bit less - If anything, I drank more
Spend less time online, spend more time on-bike or in-workshop or with-TLO - nope
learn to weld or braze - uh uh
get really fit again - it is to laugh (though I did OK during my Greek vacation)
start learning Greek - Δεν καταλαβαίνω
Make - um, well...I have a dormant project to revolutionize how racing numbers are attached to cycling jerseys. And that's it.

I also made a broad claim that I would move from shorter-form to longer-form works this year, as part of my fight against the "attention-destruction dance". I did read all of a long, slightly tedious, but very informative account of Scott's Last Expedition, and apparently I had enough time to watch enough movies to review several at once. I also took other measures to fight the attention-destruction process, starting sometime in the Fall. Regarding their efficacy, it's too soon to tell.

I still have the, ahem, "new" job at work, but it's no longer that new. The next step? Be better at my job. I certainly care enough at this point, so time to add some competence to the mix.

It feels like I learned a lot, but much of it came from experiencing the consequences of failure, for better or worse.

So what did I do in 2010? A lot of side jobs, I guess. I did turn a bike into a caterpillar. I did (and TLO helped a ton) a lot of work on the museum exhibit, and I spent some time on an eBay project that was...informative.

Like everyone else in Vancouver, I spent some time hanging around the Olympics. I reasserted my politics. And...that was it. There were a few car-related posts. Really, TLO had a busier year than I, so just start following her instead.

It didn't get any blog-love, but somewhere late this year I really upped my game in terms of wardrobe and dressing. It's not perfect by any means, but my default look is a lot more thoughtful. I count this as neither a positive nor a negative development.

Resolutions for next year

In keeping with the circle of history theme, I ought to just recycle last year's resolutions. After all, they are unsullied by usage.

But, let's tune and focus that list.

-Drink less, Internet less, eat less, ride more
-Learn some things. Greek or Objective-C, or project management, or personnel management. Any two would be great.
-Learn or improve or regularly use a technique for making things with my hands. Brazing, whittling, circuit assembly. Something. Could even be more bike building, I guess.
-re-exhibit the History of Video Games.
-divest a considerable amount of my under-used bike gear. I have too many bikes, too many frames, too many parts. Time to tidy up.
-Some personal resolutions that are none of your business.

See you at the end of 2011 to see how it went.