The Year in Review

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It's been a good year.

TLO and I are on the verge of a very big change: for the first time in 15 years, we're moving house. We're heading into Burnaby, and we're swapping a freestanding house for an apartment. We'll miss the old place, but our new home will be very exciting.

My hobbies are going interestingly: I did everything from teach children how to crochet, to act as MC for the Cycling BC awards. I helped run something like 40 or 50 bike races. I did another playday, this time in support of a literature class at the college. I may have created an underground racing league. I attended the most amazing party of my life. I kept busy.

This was the year that we didn't go to Greece: with TLO taking her mom on an Alaskan cruise, I stayed home, minded the dog, and took my vacation time in bits and pieces. I found something funny: I'm not good at that. I didn't travel as much as I should have (though trips to La Conner, Victoria, and Whistler were all very pleasant), and I missed it.

Really, there's a funny thing I have going: I'm very willing to travel in my same rut every day, unless somebody is there to pop me out of that rut, at which point I usually find myself very happy with the result. TLO, my lovely bride lo these 16 years, has been expert at getting me out of ruts.

Ruts are tricky things, as the surest signs of advancing age have been my inability to easily lose weight, and cleaving to things I already know I like.


This site is in a forlorn state. I'm going to tidy just one small thing, the link list on the right side, which is uselessly out of date. But as an archive, here's the current links, and some updates:

Raul is still out there, but has moved back to Mexico, and his new blog focuses on his academic career. He is also active on twitter.
Mister Jalopy is still running an amazing bike shop in Los Angeles, and I need to get down there for a visit some time. He's not really blogging there, though.
Eric Bin abandoned his blog (the one that more than any other inspired me to start writing here), but also moved to twitter.
Dinosaurs and Robots still exists, but was last updated in 2013. I still commend the archive to you.
I am still an active member of Bike Club, aka Escape Velocity. EV shaped me as a bike racer and a person, and it's not arrogance to say that I have also had a hand in shaping the club. My earnest wish is that the club long outlast me.
Colby Cosh lives and breathes, but his blog is moribund. He's also active on Twitter, and is a columnist for the National Post.
Sheldon Brown died in 2008, but his website, still the premier bicycle mechanic's reference, is actively maintained by others to this day.
Daring Fireball continues to be a first-rate source of opinion and info about Apple, Inc., and a second-rate source of political opinion.
Cowen and Tabarrok still write actively and regularly, in what is the best economically-minded blog (but so much more, as well) I know of.
Metroblogging Vancouver is a non-updated zombie, but I'm still proud of the writing I did there, and glad for the many friends I made.

Early Resolutions

  • More career focus
  • Fewer random diversions
  • Settle in to the new place
  • Finish more things
  • Get a bit more fit