Year in Review

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This is usually a Christmas Post of sorts, but I'm late.

Despite many other momentous events this year, 2009 will surely be remembered in my household as the Year That Lady Died. Nothing else really was as momentous as the surprise death of our dog.

But nonetheless, a few other things happened. In April, I was a finalist in a win-a-car contest, with a 1:10 chance of driving home a winner. Inspired by the nature of the contest, I set up my own DIY drive-in movie theatre.

I didn't win.

But meanwhile, TLO and I had a wonderful Greek vacation, and saw some amazing things.

I didn't talk about it much here, but I took on a new job at work late last year, and spent most of this year coming to terms with my new responsibilities. They haven't fired me yet, so that's good.

In the Fall, I accepted a remarkable new job: curating an exhibit on the history of video games. This now means that I can justify my video game obsession as research. Will I be able to claim New Super Mario Brothers on my taxes? Here's hoping.

And that's...not it, but if there was a theme for the rest of the stuff I did this year, it was that I did a lot of nerdy tinkering, added new, nerdier toys to my arsenal, drank a bit more beer than my historic norms, and rode my bikes lots, but not as much as I desired. It was an interesting year, but I feel the compromises of what I did.

Here's my New Year's resolutions, which surely have more to do with the past than the future (for an example of this, see the movie Soylent Green, a science-fiction film that is set in the 2020s and is entirely about the 1970s):

-Drink a bit less

-Spend less time online, spend more time on-bike or in-workshop or with-TLO

-learn to weld or braze

-get really fit again

-start learning Greek


There's not much more to my plans this year. There are two worrisome personal trends in myself that I want to deal with: I think I'm spending too much time fiddling on the computer in some sort of attention-destruction dance, and I think I've avoided long-attention-span work this year: few movies and books, more YouTube videos and tweets. This Shall Change.

I haven't posted much to Wired Cola either, an apparent consequence of scratching the Write Itch using Twitter and Facebook. Given that fb is both ubiquitous among my friends and much more likely to garner feedback (I'm pretty sure at this point, I got more comments on the republished-in-fb versions of Wired Cola posts than I did on the blog site in 2009), I'm content to spend less time here, so This Probably Won't Change.

Merry New Year.