Video Games Wanted

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I am getting much closer to finishing my Video Game exhibit. I now have a good idea of what games I want to highlight.

If you have any of the following games or systems (or manuals, posters, boxes, etc.) and you would be willing to lend them out for some months starting in late June, 2010, please let me know. If you have any leads on this stuff, let me know.

If you think I've left something obvious out, note that I may already have it, but I will welcome suggestions.

Ultima I
Quake I
Game Gear and a representative game (Sonic something something?)
World of Warcraft (box/art/manuals; I don't need the disc itself)
XBox 360 and Beautiful Katamari
Nintendo Game and Watch handhelds
PSP, and games (Gran Turismo, perhaps)
iPhone or iPod Touch (a dummy unit would work fine)
Pong arcade machine (or a Computer Space, if you happen to have a nice example of one of the rarest arcade machines ever hanging around). If you have another arcade standup, that would be worth considering. Hey, anyone have a Konami DDR station?



I have a WoW box and probably some manuals or strategy guides.

A place to look

Unfortunately I don't have any materials for any of the games you mentioned (I do have the software itself for Quake and Zork, but not any visual materials).

There's a shop I stumbled across yesterday which has a decent selection of retro games, consoles, and other stuff:

Oh, and my Dreamcast is still yours if you want it, exhibit or no.

Vintage Games...

Looking for vintage games.. Hmmm....

Let me look under this stack of Apple 1 motherboards. Nope. Anything behind my trusty Altair 8800? Nope - sorry.

But what about a bagged version of Mystery House? Kings Quest 1? Otherwise, I have nothing on your list.

May not be games, but how about Digital Research CP/M? Or some first generation IBM PC software? Or a boxed version of Windows 1.0?