A scrapbook of Video Game news reports

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So my Video Game exhibit at the Surrey Museum has been a pretty good success. Here's a summary of some of the news reports that mentioned it. I'll include a summary in case of link-rot.

News 1130, Nov. 21: 'Best and worst video games of all time on display in Surrey
Including the infamous "ET for Atari"', by Jesse Johnston. Based on a phone interview with me, mentions the "early days" playday on November 27, 2010, with a special emphasis on E.T.: the Extra-terrestrial for the Atari 2600.

We did indeed play it, and it was indeed amazingly frustrating.

The Georgia Straight had an article and a sidebar (both by Blaine Kyllo, based on a long and entertaining phone interview) in their July 5, 2010 edition, marking the start of the exhibit, and discussing the special events, including the cancelled "violence in video games" talk.

CBC Radio's On The Coast with Stephen Quinn interviewed me live [flash-based audio player] on Friday, November 26, 2010. This was set up via pre-interview with producer Matthew Lazin-Ryder, and I got to sit in CBC Vancouver's studio, across the desk from Stephen, and I forgot his name entire as soon as the interview started.

Topic was largely the start of video games, a bit on the nature of "Computer Space" and its failure, early controversies surrounding violence in video games ("Death Race"), and my favorite 2600 game (I said Space Invaders, for raw playtime, but it's really Warlords I have a deep and abiding relationship with, mainly because I love multiplayer games that are good at parties).

The exhibit started in early July, right after the Canada Day weekend, and will wrap when the museum closes in mid-December, probably December 17, 2010. The playdays were especially fun, and got more popular each time.

If, perchance, you're a museum wondering how to get in on this action, contact me. We can do an exhibit for you.