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Today I did something I cheerfully call The Death Ride:

  1. Ride from Port Moody to New Westminster for work
  2. After work, ride from New Westminster to south Richmond
  3. 35-minute bike race
  4. ride back to Port Moody

The name is a misnomer. You only wish you were dead. The morning ride is about 30 minutes, the evening ride is 3-4 hours, depending on how you figure it.

Results? Well in the "C" group tonight, Ryan from EV won the first prime thanks to an excellent leadout from Ryan from EV. In the second prime, Ryan from EV was barely pipped at the line. The finish saw Ryan from EV shoot out of the pack incredibly early on the last lap, in some sort of hybrid of a sprint and an attack, leaving the pack behind for a win that looked easy. Ryan from EV did the cleanup work by not trying to chase and winning the bunch kick, making it a 1-2 for Ryan from EV.

Ha ha. The other Ryan from EV, a rider I don't know from before, declared he felt "a little tired" at the start line. We must hope he never feels frisky, or people could get hurt. He was the perfect leadout man in the first prime, which I took easily. He just missed the second prime, thanks to an opportunistic draft-to-sprint by a strong and sprinty opponent. He also led the pack out for the first part of the bell lap, then sat up and let another guy try to go all the way, then attacked with maybe a quarter lap to go and left everyone in the dust. I didn't chase and cruised to a fairly smooth second place.

The whole race was quite eventful, featuring several attacks that were given enough rope to hang themselves. It was fairly sophisticated racing for a bunch of Cat 4s. I'm not just saying that because of the Red Tide results, though the two of us were clearly the class of the field on a dead-flat course.

In other news, blackberry season has begun. I ate my first berries off the bushes in Richmond, where they always mature the earliest.

A minor work anecdote. I realized as a colleage spoke at our weekly "Ops" meeting that I had a minor piece of information I had to convey to them, which led to this when the chair called for questions: "I'm calling a meeting of the KB group next week, and [colleague's subordinate seconded to the KB project] is invited, and I'm going to raise my voice at the end so this sounds like a question?"

That went over surprisingly well.

On our evening walks to the beach, TLO and I kept seeing these swarms of little wrigglers in the water that we took for tiny eels from a distance. Tonight I got a close up look at one in the shallows.

Not an eel. Probably one of these:

Mussel Worm - Nereis vexillosa
Definitely some form of clam worm, probably Nereis Vexillosa, and probably the epitoke (reproductive) form. Cool but weird.