A quick update to "Drink While Pregnant": Keep drinking!

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There seems to be further evidence that modest drinking while pregnant (as I noted previously) does not affect the development of your unborn child.

NPR is reporting on a bunch of studies (also summarized here that just got published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

I have not read the studies in detail (and am not enough of an expert to do so seriously), but the studies revolved around 1628 Danish mothers who were surveyed on their drinking habits while pregnant, and then their kids were tested (IQ, attention span, and other stuff) at age 5. It looks like maternal drinking was not significantly correlated with any effects in mothers who drank up to 8 drinks/week, or even in mothers who engaged in occasional "binge drinking"!

Caveats? Again, I haven't read the studies. The notoriously non-standard standard drink in this study is Danish: 12g of alcohol (roughly a 1 oz shot, 330 mL beer, or a 5 oz glass of wine). Consumption above 9 drinks/week was correlated with shorter (not sure how much shorter) attention spans in the kids.

So there you go. Another bit of evidence suggesting that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is not a significant concern for any but the most ragingly alcoholic expectant mothers. If you feel like having a glass of wine with dinner, you're not harming your baby (quite the opposite, probably).

And most importantly, if you see an obviously pregnant woman enjoying a drink, whether you know her or not, your default action should be to mind your own damn business. She's having a baby, and you don't want to stress her out for stupid reasons.