Pimp my eyes - a sunglasses review

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So my friend and co-worker Dada brought back some sunglasses from Slovakia. They're "Optimal" brand (and I'm afraid I can't find a website for them right now), but they're pretty nice.

They are produced by a friend of Dada's, and I didn't have to pay anything for them, so that's your disclosure of interests there.

And the sunglasses? Pretty nice. The sporty model she got me fits well, looks decent, and has independently interchangeable lenses in three tints (Optimal makes several other styles, varying between sporty and stylish).

I think you should probably just use one tint at a time, though.200912311322.jpg

(Dada actually asked me what the clear lens was for, and I can maybe remove that mystery: bike riders and other sporty types sometimes wear glasses as mud/bug/wind shields, and if you do so after dark, you're going to want those clear lenses.)

In terms of what I look for in sunglasses, it's mostly decent fit and good lenses. Ventilation is a plus for me, since I sweat like crazy and fog lenses. Indeed, I'm totally open to some recommendations for a good anti-fog lens treatment.

These glasses fit very well, and the lenses are nice to look through. There's no special attempts at venting the lenses, so if you sweat like me, you'll need some recommendations for a good anti-fog treatment.

The temples are barely hooked and covered with a nice rubber to grip your head. This seriously nü-skool style of eyewear retention works nicely as usual, and is especially functional if you're going to mix a helmet or an ear-covering hat into your stuff-on-your-head collection.

As for the price, I have no idea. So I assume they're really good value, because hey, Dada's my friend!

On the Cyclingnews-inspired rating scale from 3 to 5, these glasses get a 4.5.


These look like my 5 year

These look like my 5 year old Cebe sunglasses that I got at the co-op and broke.