Olympic Medal Counts and stats fiddling

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I got interested in Olympic medal counts measured various ways, and ended up with this partly-complete spreadsheet.

Among other things, I've compiled medals by national population, and medals by athletes sent, at least for the top teams. I also put in some weighted stats where a Gold = 3, Silver = 2, and Bronze = 1.

Maybe most interestingly, I painfully went through EVERY country's "athletes awarded" counts, by hand-counting it off the pretty good CTV medal-count pages. "Athletes Awarded" is my own count of the number of each type of medal actually handed to competing athletes. This accounts for the fact that if you win the 4-man bobsled gold, four men actually get gold medals.

As far as I can tell, coaches do not get a medal in any sport, and the rules for which participating athletes get a medal can vary from sport to sport. Two notable examples are that Marc-Andre Fleury, Canada's third goalie, got a gold (I don't know if he dressed for any of the games) and the Martin curling rink had five awarded medalists (an alternate played in at least one game, I assume).

If you want to clean up the data or add some columns, drop me a line and I'll give you access to the sheet. Or you can make your own copy of the data. If you do anything interesting with the data I hand-compiled or the columns I synthesized, be kind and link back to this page.

Update: Michael Coyle has compiled a more rigorous analysis of Canada's results at his amusingly-named blog.