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Brief notes on whipping around the Olympics:

TLO and I won tickets to the women's Snowboard Cross event, but we were groundlings, and yeah, those were the ones that got cancelled. Oh well. Seeing it on TV was quite good, and given the half-day delay in the women's event, it would have been pretty gruelling to hang about up there.

We spent the first Saturday loitering around the Richmond O-Zone, which was interesting enough and not too frantic, though we avoided Holland House (alas). The next day, with friends, we toured various Houses: Sochi (Russia), Saskatchewan, a 2 minute visit to Quebec House, and a trip over to the Olympic Cauldron.

Sochi had some amusing things (notably a giant 3d map of the town of Sochi, with the 2014 upgrades modeled), and the saskatoon berry tarts in SK-house were ok. Saskatchewan house had an interesting exhibition space in an inflatable dome, which they used to tell the world about how cool pulses are. The Olympic Cauldron zone was an over-fenced madhouse.

Mid-week we went to Scandinavia House in Burnaby, a much lower-key affair. When the food on offer includes sushi and curry, I do wonder about its cultural accuracy. The Aquavit was accurate, though!

A late-Sunday trip to Saxony House found a straightforward Euro-disco dance-party going on, with no lineup at 11, and really good beer, in an awfully nice setting. The Cauldron area was a lot less crowded, too.

The Olympics are a great party, but I continue to think of this as a televised event. I'm probably too old for fun, or at least for long lineups.


Sochi House

how much was the wait at Sochi house? Everytime I walked by (and it was more than 5 times) there is a huge lineup. And how much time did you spend inside?