Lady the dog, 2001-2009

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This is an obituary I was not expecting to write for some time.

On Friday morning, Lady went in for a routine checkup, plus rabies and distemper shots. The doctor said she was in perfect health for a small 8-year-old dog. She was fine for most of the day. By late evening, she was a little groggy, and I made a note to see if she'd gotten worse by morning. I slept on the couch with her, and she was a little shivery but nothing scary.

She was worse in the morning. We had her in the vet's office at 11:20 Saturday morning. By 3pm she was dead. We don't know why, but blood work and a possible autopsy bring answers.

Instead of dwelling on the morose details of her sudden death, I want to remember this charming and photogenic dog, who brought much joy into our lives.

We found her curled up in a tarp on our back porch in May 2005. Not being able to locate an owner, we kept the small, ingratiating dog for ourselves. Between then and now, I took a lot of photos of her, and a few videos:

The Dog Spends most of its Day on the Couch from Ryan Cousineau on Vimeo.

TLO and I miss our little dog terribly.


Im sorry:(

I wish I would have had the opportunity to meet her! We will be in mourning. Anything you need, just let me know. What a shock.


Lady: RIP

Ryan: Sorry for your loss. Putting this in context: I have never been a big pet owner. I suppost I would be apart from the daunting daily 6AM morning constitutional walk. And more than once after I visited your yard my wife would comment how bad I smelled, until I realized I had to chisel out encrusted doggie droppings from my bike shoes. Plus Lady's short white hairs were resistant to repeated vacuuming: I assume they were barbed. But I admit I had a particular fondness for this little dog.

Lady sure could turn on the charm around a group of people, especially when there was the prospect of treats.

To use an affectionate Ratpack term: Lady was a player: she made friends easily, was energetic, optimistic, fun and loyal. And a survivor. RIP.