I am Internet Famous! Locally. Sort of.

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Jon over at The V3H (best Tri-Cities blog I've found!) was kind enough to do a little profile of my bike scavenging proclivities today, for which I am most grateful. Go read the post to see all the things you probably already knew about me.

At the dread risk of writing a meta-post, reduced service on the Cybermorphic™ front has been due to following up a full day's work with steady work on the History of Video Games exhibit, plus various other forms of having a life, which is a big pain in the ass that really eats into my blogging time. OTOH, I've been calling all video game playing "research" for the last six months, and that's fun.

I've also found that facetweeting has been scratching much of the writing itch of late. It's your own fault, really: once I figured out that I got about ten times as many comments on Facebook items as here, I let my desperate need for attention lead me on.

And so on and so forth. When Facebook looks like Friendster I'll still be here.

My new best friend Brennan gave me an old K-mount Hanimex 75-300 he wasn't using. Since my 1.5x crop Pentax makes every lens even longer, this is like having a 450mm equivalent lens at the long end. Barely hand-holdable, but a lot of fun, once I filed parts off of it so it fit my camera and put it on a tripod:


In other news, I may have stumbled on to something modestly interesting that will allow me to sell out a little (again), and if it happens, for once there will be something in it for you, gentle readers.

Not all 20 of you, though. A lot of you will get nothing.