The Fritter Diaries: Mennonite Fritters

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The Fritter Diaries, Day 1

We're in search of the perfect apple fritter. This is the first try.

With the permission of my Mennonite friend Johnny Sunshine, I have culturally appropriated honoured the recipe of his people, so let's examine the result.

This is an apple-heavy, pan-fried recipe. The dough rising is powered by baking powder.

Taste is pretty good. As designed, the recipe is not sweetened except by the apples. I tried dipping them in various combos of milk and syrup, and that seemed to work. Texture is not the magical crispness that is my holy grail, and it fades quickly from fresh. Some of that might come back from a serious attempt to glaze the fritters. I probably betrayed the taste with my choice of grapeseed oil (would do again with vegetable oil or shortening; would consider taking the dark path of beef tallow.)

I would make this recipe again. I dream of a crispier fritter, and maybe a slightly airier one, but this is a defensible, tasty fritter. Especially nice if "cloyingly sweet" isn't your benchmark. As an accompaniment to coffee, this has promise.

Production was dead easy. The only remotely hard part of prep was cutting up two cups of apples. If you want fritters 30 minutes from when you start pulling out ingredients, and you can chop apples quickly, this recipe works.