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Dinner with the UK Conservatives | Wired Cola

Dinner with the UK Conservatives

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It's not like me to take a shot at conservative parties, as I am properly fond of our muddling-through overlords. But a friend sent me a link to a list of attendees at a 2013 fundraiser for the UK Conservative Party, courtesy the Grauniad.

I started to read the who's-who bios of those dinner guests. First, I'm (naively?) shocked that foreigners are casually invited to participate in a party fundraiser. Second, I like how the David Burnside table includes "Putin's judo partner," and the Boris Johnson table includes Andrei Borodin, who has been granted UK asylum from politically-motivated prosecution in Russia.


Shallow thoughts: "Constantine Logothetis" would be a great name for a Bond Villain. Perhaps in an upcoming film he is trying to blow up Leeds using a satellite that can frack from space with a diamond-powered laser, a plot which Logothetis is driven to in vengeance for a bullet Bond shot into his brain, which is slowly eroding his use of his golden, prosthetic, six-fingered arm...I shouldn't mock a reasonable Greek name at a dinner that includes "Eric Pickles", "Peter Stringfellow", "Lord Fink", and "Guido Fawkes". Only one of those is a pseudonym; one of the other ones is a famous strip-club owner...the paper doesn't have a ready headshot for Lady Barbara Fink, the wife of a politically-prominent baron, so they had to use a scary shadow-silhouette for her in the infographic.

One moral is (I knew this already) whatever you think a "conservative" is if you live in North America, UK Conservatives are not quite entirely like that.