A brief history of video games

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Here's my slide deck on the History of Video Games (that's a Slideshark link, or if you have time, you can download the 60 MB deck directly, which includes my speaking notes. I have (crummy) audio for about the first half of the talk, here you go, or perhaps you would like to play it right here:

I was gratified by the audience and the reception. I enjoyed creating this talk, and I enjoyed giving it. The audience was really receptive, and asked some great questions (sadly not captured because my silly camera has a bad battery).

Other notes: I was pretty much correct with my definition of "syzygy." "Tennis for Two" is a sort of proto-pong, so maybe suggesting "Pong" as the first game was a better answer than I gave it credit for. I used Slideshark to get the slides onto my iPad, and then used Slideshark on my phone as the controller. Reading the slides off the presenter-mode display on the iPad, while it simultaneously drove VGA out to the projector, and doing the transitions with the phone in my hand, worked really well. I would definitely do it again.

If you want to hear this talk in the future I would love it to give it (or something similar) again. get in touch with me: rcousine@gmail.com.