a blog post about HDCP consisting of nothing but profanity

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Not quite. But I could easily write that one.

It would be the f-word, "HDCP," and then a paragraph's worth of the f-word being used in its adjectival, nominal, adverbial, and verb forms to describe the technology, its creators, its implementors, and its shortcomings.

HDCP has bitten me in the metaphorical ass numerous times, both at home and at work, and only while trying to do stuff that was utterly non-infringing: I don't get bit by HDCP when I'm trying to copy protected content, I get bit by it, repeatedly, while trying to play HDCP sources in boring ways that were non-issues in the Analog Era. It has cost me (and thanks to my professional capacity, taxpayers) a disturbing amount of time, energy and money.

HDCP has done a tremendous amount to poison my previous good feelings about Blu-ray, content creators, HDMI, digital video, and just about every element of the A/V industry that went along with this nonsense. Thanks for screwing me, your loyal customer, professional specialist, and recreational enthusiast over for trying to use your award-winning* garbage. Meanwhile, I suspect that HDCP set back the entire video-piracy industry about 15 minutes.

*HDMI's 2008 Engineering Emmy was given to the many companies that contributed to that technology. One of those key technology contributions, mostly by Intel, was HDCP itself.