Axe contest winners!

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Yes, at long last I got around to judging these entries. And I picked a winner.

Actually, I picked two. And an honorable mention, who didn't win anything.

HONORABLE MENTION: Bill Asher. He evoked the spirit of "friendly" riding very well and punctuated it with a "Hell yeah! I love riding a damn bike." Very anthemic.

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE: Bob Schwartz. His meditative story of perseverance and effort and simple, agonizing riding with his daughter, was worthy of note. TLO picked it as the winner, and I said it was powerful enough, but not anthemic enough. We're going to award Bob, or maybe his daughter, a nice new cycling toque from my club.


Reasonably speaking, I thought Bill and Dave's stories were very very close, and if I gave it to Dave for any reason, it was probably a bit for CanCon, and a bit for his insight into the particular joys of competitive skiing. So Dave gets the camera.

Thanks to all who participated, and thanks to our generous sponsor, AXE body wash. It makes you not stink!