About Wired Cola

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"Wired Cola" was a joke started by Erick, Kaye, keith, and Ryan while we were all at university together. That would have been sometime in the mid-90s.

The joke is that at the time, the words "cyber" and "morph" were being badly used and abused, along with the whole "Wired" concept, especially as manifested in Wired magazine.

Putting all these concepts together with sugar water was a no-brainer, and got us into the idea of the mythical world's most overhyped marketing product with the most overhyped slogan: "Wired Cola: it's cybermorphic!"

Fast forward several years. The joke is tired and lifeless, but persists as a running gag and catch-all container for our bad ideas. This blog is mostly Ryan's (VP Marketing) bad idea, but others will have their contributions to make.

Blog was Blogger-powered from its inception in 2004 until 2008. Original logo design was by keith, and it was designed to be bad. Since then, keith has been responsible for several other redesigns, sometimes without Ryan even noticing, but the silly Wired Cola ball is Ryan's fault.

As of January 2008, the site is Drupal-based. The design is some generic template with the logo slapped in, and lots of crappy add-ons bolted onto the sides and bottom. Maybe that will change soon, maybe not.

You can contact Ryan Cousineau at rcousine@gmail.com.