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The List

You have a List, don't you? Names, incidents, the stuff that you want fixed. The stuff that makes your life worse.

Here's the start of mine:

Office Suite (and nearly every other major spreadsheet and mainstream text editor), for not including the functionality that regex offers, you've made manipulating data worse, not better. I had an actual case, here in October 2010, where the easiest way to de-munge a bad spreadsheet was to export it as a CSV, open it in vi, and run a few googled-up regex substitutions to get all the data into a usable shape. So often, the best data-manipulation tools are still ancient Unix routines.

Youtube Advanced Uploader, you've successfully mis-reinvented FTP, because your sessions can't really be suspended and resumed, so multi-GB uploads, which take hours, tend not to make it. The real question is why you reinvented FTP in the first place? Alternatively, why don't you offer FTP (or SFTP, or FTPS) upload?

World Tuesday Night Cyclocross

World Tuesday Night Cyclocross, since 2010.
Tuesday night at 6:30pm, September-whenever.
Vancouver Public Library, corner of Robson and Homer.

This is an undersupervised, lights-mandatory cyclocross ride (because it gets dark before the ride stops). CX or MTB recommended. If it rains, we will get wet.

General "plan" is to warm up briefly on the road, then ride a local park or trail (Stanley, Pacific Spirit, Vanier, Jericho, etc.) That's it.

Questions? Join the mailing list, or contact the instigator, Ryan Cousineau:

Speaking Truth to Horsepower

I believe what follows is one of the infamous ten percenter pamphlets, this one from the NDP. I don't remember a Liberal one off-hand, and it's hard for me to distinguish the Conservative ten percenters from the stuff they send me because I'm a known right-wing kook. On to exhibit A, which is most of the text from the pamphlet:


I'm biased, but "A hat trick for families" sounds like the kind of slogan you'd come up with if you had a vague understanding of hockey, and a vague understanding of Canada.

The camera of my fantasies, the reviews of the damned

No, the doughty Pentax K100 D Super is not going anywhere, and I'm not giving up on the Canon SD1000 super-compact until I get a phone with a decent camera, but Olympus went and built the interchangeable-lens "rangefinder" I expressed a desire for in 2005.

Behold the Olympus Pen E-P1. That's the short Wired review. the long DP Review is longer. It's based around the micro-4/3s standard, and seems to be the first camera to really exploit the 4/3 system's benefits. On the down side, it sacrificed any built-in flash (it has a hot shoe) and a built-in optical rangefinder (there's a hot-shoe mounted one that's matched to the available 17 mm pancake lens (like 35 mm in OG full-frame focal lengths)).

Vancouver Hypercubism

The Vancouver Hypercubists are:

Ryan Cousineau Maria Petersen Kris Krüg Dino Masson

We took Drive-In Everywhere to Yaletown:

Drive-In Everywhere

...a theatre near you...

Drive-In Everywhere snuck out of the May 1 Vancouver Tweetup to surprise and delight a few onlookers:

Remember Drive-In movies? Probably not.

Today there is only one in Metro Vancouver. Go, by the way, while you still can.

But now I will show you how to democratize the drive-in. It requires equipment that you can probably get your hands on pretty easily.

Cube Pro Quo

Operation Cube Pro Quo. It's so simple, it might be clever!

First off, please go to my Hypercube canvas and vote for me. Don't forget to vote every day! Also, check out my other Hypercube projects, cubelog and Drive-In Everywhere


Welcome to my central repository for cubelog, the Nissan Cube that will blog itself.

First off, please go to my Hypercube canvas and vote for me. Don't forget to vote every day! Also, check out my other Hypercube projects, Cube Pro Quo and Drive-In Everywhere.

Now, on to the plot.
Using some amazing Open Source software, I'll log pictures, GPS data, and OBD (real-time performance data from the Nissan Cube's engine computer) from every trip I take. It will be recorded by an on-board PC, and trip data will be automatically uploaded(via Wi-Fi) to the web after the Cube gets home.


-Linux OS on a netbook