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The Net and me

The Net is one of the worst movies about the net ever made.

Wait, what?

Oh. The net. Zak asked two interesting questions. I answered one there, but he asked a second, more interesting question:

"Tell me how it is that the Net matters to you, even after all of the long days, short nights and wrecked weekends."

And my answer to that bears repeating here:

A good job, a mediocre hobby, and a lot of intercommuncation.

Japanese Adolescent Girl Monsters of Prog Rock

Some day Sara...

Will meet "Ameri"...

Christmas Letter

The single best reason for writing stuff here is because I forget things, so this is a searchable online diary that allows me to catalog my life, only with snarky comments from you! That makes it more fun than a regular diary.

WAMKAR: every Monday night at 8

yes, it's supposed to be a parody of the NASCAR logo

What, you didn't know? The Westwood Association of Mario Kart Almost Racing has a schedule. And like bowling night, deviations shall not be tolerated!

No, seriously, it's semi-regular. It's ongoing. And if you have a copy of Mario Kart Wii, you should be participating. Soon, we'll have scoring tables and everything.

How to join:

Maybe not that unproductive, really

Actual things I did after work today:

  • Took care of a doctor's appointment
  • Helped my father-in-law buy a minivan (only a little)
  • Played Mario Kart for 90 minutes
  • fixed the hot water heater

I guess in retrospect, it was a pretty productive evening. Of course, I still have some tidying up to do before I can sleep.

Diptych Redux

Thanks to Wired Cola co-founder keith, we have this lovely . . . thing . . . to share with you.

Ryan versus Lady the dog, as a webcomic

Obligatory Best of 604 publicity post

Blah blah blah Best of 604 Blogs voting. Narvey is nominated for best political blog, trying to stir up false controversy by pointing out he's more than just a political blogger.

Real problem: Narvey's blog is called "Currents." Can you really vote for a blog with such a silly name?

In conclusion: don't vote, it's probably a waste of time.

Amoral Majority, or Adventures in Governance

Zeroth, I hardly ever post political content here. I don't think I have a lot of original or clever thoughts on the matter. I'm a pretty mainline right-wing kook, and I adhere to most of the standard right-wing kook principles. Kook kook ka-chook. So you know, yay Conservatives, and the Liberals and NDP are in league with Satan.

An unintentionally hilarious diptych

The LookAt rest

About three seconds later, we raced at each other and tried to bite each other's face.

Ride in Style

This 1955 promotional film has a lot to answer for:

They look so happy! See also part two.

Today, with cyclocross season over, my club had our Toy Ride, so Jak and I rode out to the ride in Kits, starting at dawn.