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Archive - Sep 2007 | Wired Cola

Archive - Sep 2007

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Life Lessons

The inscrutable Maktaaq has tagged me with creating an imaginary curriculum of improbably practical courses, a sort of term or two of remedial life skills. Apparently the original idea was composed by a wyvern, but when you are reading the writings of whale blubber, that sort of thing happens sometimes.

The curious case of Raise the Red Lantern's DVD transfers

Raise the Red Lantern, one of the prettiest movies ever to come out of China, has suffered from some terrible DVD releases.

But at long last, while I wasn't looking, it appears the latest two NTSC (and Region 1 or 0) editions don't suck. DVD Beaver raves: Acceptable visual quality! And subtitles that make sense!

Alas, they give and they take. The ERA release comes down hard on those who would illicitly show this video on...

Stephen Fry, mobile phone reviewer

Mr Fry (he's a brit, so he nae gets a dot after his social title) is Britain's most talented . . . reviewer of mobile phones?

Quite. I assure you this is the most insightful state-of-the-smartphone you are likely to read.

(Þ: Fireball Gruber.)

I'm internet famous

Let's just not contemplate what was in the bottle.

Why is India so much poorer than China?

So I was musing on the routine China-this, China-that coverage these days, and I started thinking, "hey, what about India?"

And then I learned something that most everyone else who has asked that question already knew: India's per-capita GDP is about a third of China's, and is about half of China's PPP GDP.

I am not making this up

This appears to be the real trailer for a real cartoon.

Book Club

Due to an oversight, neither The Lovely One nor I had a book to read on the airplane trip back, so we bought some in Schipol.

I think she was a little weirded out that I chose This Is Paradise! by Hyok Kang.

The hook is that Mr. Kang is a rare escapee from North Korea, but even more rare, he escaped as a young teenager with his family. The book is his first-person description of what life was like in North Korea.

Wired Cola salutes Apple

Here at Wired Cola, we're all about leveraging synergy in our quest to become the most cybermorphic purveyor of fictive beverages the world™ (a trademark of Globadom® LLC) has ever known.

But this is our corporate blog, and here today, we're going to leverage a little synergy by paying homage to our friends in the marketing department at Apple ("don't say 'computer') Inc., who revealed two clever things today, one of them even beverage-related.

Vacation detritus

Things that can be exported from Greece to the joy of others: ouzo, loukoumi, halvadopita.