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90,000 tons of Art

A ridiculous discussion in (eventually, they all are) led to someone mentioning, in the context of personal art collections, this poster:

Which led me to declare that US aircraft carrier groups, collectively, were the greatest art installation ever conceived.

My Christmas letter to you

So, I had to read back to find out what I did this year. Here's what I did:

January: I rode in the snow
February: everything broke
March: I bought a bicycle built for two
April: I helped build a tiny bike

Politics and Predjudice in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

We are, of course, speaking of the definitive Rankin/Bass stop-motion animated version.

Please don't tell TLO I did this.

Some people think I like coffee and I'm a big nerd.

Wrong! This is what happens when you really like coffee and are a really big nerd:

I'm just giving away business ideas!

Ridiculous idea I thought up while sitting in the back of the car today: homeopathic products for six-moon audiophiles.

What's a six-moon audiophile? Exhibit A: a favorable review of a CD/DVD Degausser*.

Sick of Sickness

It's been 10 days. All I do is cough.

Things I learned from Wikipedia: the Mc Donnell Douglas F-4, a wildly successful example of brutalist warplane design, had pretty much the coolest collection of nicknames ever accumulated by an airplane.

My favourite is "Luftverteidigungsdiesel," of course.


A quick bit of beer-tasting silliness, hopefully soon to be joined by some things-to-see-in-Victoria posting:

Anything by Unibroue is still great.

The Curious semi-disappearance of Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey

Update August 2011: Jacquie's back. Well, somewhat. She's married again, and has a well-organized public presence on Google+

In late 2006, reasonably well-known blogger Jacqueline Passey (often known by her four-barreled name, as seen in the title), wrote a post about her dating criteria, more or less.

I shall not revisit the ridiculous bunfight that set off, though blog commentary on that post continues to be the main thing that comes up when you Google Ms. Passey's name.

Out of rather idle curiosity (she used to be the girlfriend of Not Johnny Chan, who I have sort-of known since SFU), I looked her up, and found that her blog had . . . disappeared.

So, how good are the New England Patriots, anyways?

Very, very good.

I know, you don't understand that link. Even I barely understand it. Okay, I don't understand it at all.

But, I do understand this: in lots and lots of normal team sports (not cricket; I totally don't understand the scoring system(s)), net points is an excellent proxy for team performance. That is, almost every team's position in the standings is closely related to its standing in (points scored - points allowed).

Nerdiness at Criticality

Item: Michael "Rands" Lopp writes a resonant description of nerd behaviour. Item: Wyn describes a new sitcom featuring nerds which may not suck. I feel the need to point out here that "nerd-human relationships" is a nice coinage based on my hackneyed self-description as a person working in the field of "nerd-human relations." TLO and I are happily working on our nerd-human relationship, however. Item: I read two sports column/blogs regularly.