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2006 Canadian Cyclocross Championships - Men

2006 Cyclocross nationals, Nanaimo, BC, Canada. November 11, 2006

This is my final video for the year, and it's way late. But it's done. Contact me if you want a link to the really nice full-res version.

Christmas Day

Bay Blanket

As is traditional, we went to midnight mass, followed by a gift exchange with the in-laws.

This year, I'm sending The Lovely One off for a spa day, but she pulled off that rarest of tricks: giving me a gift I had forgot to ask for, that I would never buy for myself (too extravagant) and that I really wanted.

A Christmas Letter

The wonderful thing about being both lazy and a blogger is that I can write this Christmas letter to you on Christmas Eve, and you'll still all get it in time for Christmas!

The Great Canadian Ludicrous Talking Polar Bear Adventure

So someone in my household picked The Great Canadian Polar Bear Adventure for our evening's viewing. I'm not saying it was The Lovely One. It could have been me....

About 3 seconds in, I sense trouble brewing when I realize this is a live-action drama starring talking polar bears. About 3 minutes in, things take a turn for the weird: we get to eavesdrop on a mundane conversation among a couple of seals, right before a bear eats one of them!

He's Everybody's Second Choice

This is mostly an apolitical weblog, but since I was looking for some early juice on the new leader of the Liberals and found nothing, I thought I'd write it myself.

Though some had already written this surprise scenario (candidate in fourth place in delegates going into the campaign wins), it was only written as a surprise.

So who is Stéphane Dion?

Canadian Cyclocross championships 2006: Women's Elite

I was asked to drop by Nanaimo and shoot some video a few weeks ago, since the Canadian national CX championship races were being held there.

Far too late, here's the first video output.

So, how was your weekend?

First, I should apologize to everyone in the hotel: that was our dog who decided, against all past history, that every thump in the night needed to be barked at. Thanks, dog.

Second, the weekend was off the hook. You're going to see film of Saturday's cyclocross nationals shortly, but I'm here to tell you about Sunday's race.

Funniest fake cycling news ever

From The Onion: Over-Competitive Lance Armstrong Challenges Cancer To Rematch.

I often think the funniest thing about Onion articles is the headline, but in this case the article strikes a perfect balance between horribly tasteless and pitch-perfect hilarity.

Stewed Thoughts

Somehow, I want to call the Web 2.0 era the Age of Refactoring. In many ways, I think what is going on, technologically, is that this is the era of stuff that mostly works, mostly correctly, most of the time.

Training advice for the young novelist

I've liberated this from its original home in the comments on this post by Wyn. Most of the inside jokes are literary-exercise jokes. The only other useful bit of background info is that Wyn just ran her first marathon this year.

Remember that writing a novel, the marathon of literature, is all about the training.