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Ryan Like Fire!

Photographic Filler

Lacking anything especially special to say, recent pictures will have to do.
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Ridiculous Speculation

I'm very bad at predictions. So much so, that stuff I keenly care about, I won't discuss in this post. Which mostly means the current federal election, about which I care more than is warranted.

So, here's some ludicrous guesses about the near-to-mid-term future, crossed with my mad prescriptions for the world.

The Neutral Zone

So it's been a weird few days, mostly because I'm taking care of The Lovely One, who has been all kinds of sick. Apparently one of her students gave her Martian Death Flu.

But life goes on, and I'm working on some projects. There's a bike-related graphic design sideshow, A lot of photography, family parties, the ongoing bicyclic Cane Upgrade Program (update: fork and wheels acquired. Upgrade iminent), and random Christmas shoppery.

Secret skills of pro cyclocross racers

If you're very good at cyclocross, you can win world cup races. If you're very, very good at cyclocross, you can kick annoying fans on your way to victory. Seriously. I wouldn't link to just any fan-kicking photo, you know: this one has amazing leg extension, and shows the bike-handling skills that mean Bart Wellens is sponsored, and I am trying to make a 'cross bike out of stuff I found in my parts pile.

What's stupid at $200 is fun for $20

If I was looking for a last-minute, under-$50, egregiously gadgety, but not entirely useless gift for someone, I'd probably pick up a Fossil Watch on eBay.

The going rate seems to be $20-30 for these things, plus the usual $15-odd shipping to civilization, slightly more to the hinterlands [insert "freak states" quote here]. For a functioning Palm PDA that fits on your wrist, that's a reasonable deal.

Finally, a traffic graph.

Photography for the Unprofessional

Sheet Metal Workers' Rocket: this is one of 23 pics I took in about 10 minutesI've been thinking a lot about digital cameras lately, as the volume of photos posted here might indicate. Since it's near Christmas (and Boxing Day, for that matter), I thought I'd share some of my general thoughts about digital cameras, and what a year of using one has taught me.

I Go Places and Take Pictures